So in all honesty, I am glad that we aren’t doing the basic InDesign project of designing a book cover or magazine spread or something like that. I did that in my first two years of graphic design back in VT, and I am glad that this school is providing me with something different.

I think this data compilation project will be cool and interesting visually. I mean I think it has the potential to be…I’ve yet to start the visual stuff, haha 😅

One of the things I’ve chosen to track is the number of arrangements that I put together at work. I work at Edible Arrangements and I make a lot. This weekend is Easter weekend which will increase our volume as well. I want to choose this because I feel like it’s something different and could be fun visually. But we will see. I may need to do a little more than just the number of arrangements but maybe categorize it some more. I have options like type, size, amount of chocolate, etc. When I was in VT, I worked at the Edibles there and actually did my final photography project with this company (featured image). It is funny how this job has been consistent for me for the past two years. It’s a different kind of creative outlet but also like an anchor for me. I also absolutely love this job and working there.

I’ve had trouble coming up with a second thing to track because my life is really boring so I decided to dig out the ol’ FitBit and track my steps and heart rate. I am choosing to watch both because then I have a back up plan if the fruit thing doesn’t work out and because I may get more interesting data from one or the other. My fitbit tracks both no problem, so I will have the data. I also the app for it and it’s online too so they have their own kind of visualization for data.

And I am suddenly becoming sick this week. I had a sneezing fit this morning in class and I’ve been at it all day and now I feel a little feverish. 😷 I also had a small sneezing fit while typing this.

This is my life.  #yayfinals


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