The school has gotten some shaking news in the past week. The lack of information on the fate of our school has made everyone anxious, confused and upset. The staff asks us to be patient but proactive. Plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

I feel like I am in an odd spot. I am a junior transfer student but because of the struggle of transferring credits, I still have another couple of years here to finish. So, really I am in a sophomore’s position. I am very much at a loss of what to do and how to be proactive about this situation because there are not really any schools in NM that I can just transfer to, with the same degree. I also moved out here from VT. I moved my whole life out here and I cannot afford to move again, nor do I want to right now. I am trying to remain calm and positive, but of course there is this nagging want for more answers. I am the type of person who likes to plan things … and this is so uncertain. I just don’t know what to do to “plan for the worst”.

Our teachers are being so supportive. They truly care for our well-being and that is something you can’t get at every university. This school has been an amazing experience for me this past year and I will not regret my time here. I will honestly miss everyone. The new friends I’ve made and the teachers/staff that I’ve met. I just hope to keep them as connections and friends in the future.

I also feel heartbroken for the teachers too. They are going through the same thing as us students but they have to keep a brave face for us. They’ve devoted their time, lives, work into this school too. I know that many of the teachers have professional lives outside of teaching, but it’s another form of income and security that could be lost. I truly feel for their loss too. A school needs students but it needs teachers too. The teachers here are outstanding and I thank them for everything.

On a lighter note, these grid exercises are a lot of fun. Grids are full of order and certainty, which I like. These exercises are probably the most stable thing in my life right now, haha. I really like how sleek they can look while still being creative and not just a bunch of straight lines. I enjoy working with InDesign and I am looking forward to the rest of this semester’s projects with it. Typography and layout has really taken my interest this semester and would be something I would like to study and practice more.

**The featured image was taken by me a couple years ago of an area in the North East Kingdom in Vermont during the summer.


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