Back to it

Well, it’s been a little while since the last post.

Spring break was good. I didn’t leave the state but my mom and her boyfriend came out here for that week and the week after. They have a giant RV so they spend most of their winter in the Florida Keys. So they decided to drive out here for my break and play tourist while I played tour guide. Although I was the “guide”, most places we went to, I hadn’t done either so the vacation was a tourist time for me too. I’ve been here since last August but I haven’t had the time or money to do anyhing really other than hike. My mom got both of her hips replaced last year so we weren’t doing much hiking. But we visited a lot of cool places, ate good food, found some cool breweries. I have been having difficulties buying alchohol since I got here because I guess this state has a law against accepting verticle licenses (I got mine before I turned 21 so it’s verticle and doesn’t expire until next year). However, resturaunts and breweries were accepting, saying that out of state licenses are acceptable (hooray!). I hardly drink anyway, but I was able to get a really delicious Hawaiin Martini for my birthday last week. Yes I am “feeling 22″…especially since all the students in my classes aren’t even 21…or 20…makes me feel old and wise hahaha! 😞

Anyway, the first week back was much more forgving than when winter break ended. I am ready to finish this semester strong. This new poster project is weird for me because it’s about the future but it doesn’t have to be a real future. Anything regarding my future gives me anxiety though, because I really have no idea about it. So I was nervous starting this but came up with an idea based off of a fun painting activity I did over spring break with my aunt. My aunt is my inspiration and the reason I am striving to be an artist. So this poster is advertising a painting workshop (taught by me) based off of what we did. It takes place in Tokyo because it is my dream to go to Japan and maybe live there for some time. I am just struggling with putting the poster together because it is in a funky style. I am feeling inspired by the New Wave style but I am still new to that style, just barely learning it before break started. I am doing a New Wave style book in my Typography class, so this is all a learning experience for me. Fingers crossed! heh 😅



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