Week before spring break

So…I think I understand this prompt.

How can we make use of every day observations in our work?

Well, literally we could take what we see and recreate it. A lot of artists do that. That is one of the essences of making art. Humans have been doing it since cavemen years.

Nowadays, artists are expected of more. There’s a lot of pressure on new artists…they should know everything that our predecessors knew. Now, we take our daily observations and create new ideas with them. “New” artwork. Because if we do something that’s been done before, then we are posers, copying, or “not thinking outside of the box”. We have to take our every day observations and turn them into new shapes, colors, designs, compositions, etc. Not all of this is meant negatively. With these every day observations, amazing things really can happen. The color of the sky, the sun, flowers in a field, people walking, buildings, cars, etc….All inspiring and giving us the ability to create new and amazing stuff. The misused project was a good example of taking every day objects and seeing them in new ways, which was a struggle for me. See, I am the type of artist that is used to recreating things that have already been done. Abstraction is not my familiar ground but I want to learn it. My progress report was what I needed. It reassured me and motivated me. After reading it I felt good—it helped me finish this hierarchy project. Made me realize that I am doing OK and that I just need to relax a little. Let my creativity flow and not worry about being right or wrong because no matter, it’s art and its my art. I know that as long as I am doing my best, that I will be happy and I will be OK.


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