Stressed Out

Stressssssed out. Almost forgot to write a blog post for this week. I can feel the consequences of procrastination seeping in..Plus I started working so now I have less homework time.. and it’s not nessescarily a large quantity of’s just projects that take time to do. Damn art school. Not your average homework assignments…these things take time. You’d think by now with the all the schooling I’ve gone through, I’d be better at time management yet here I am…stressing out. Teachers give us plenty of time. Maybe it’s an act of rebellion as to why I don’t do things in a timely manner. Most of the time I do, but then certain projects…I wait until the week before it’s due and then panic the whole time. There’s no way I could get away with that in real life. Maybe that’s another reason why….procrastination…can get away with it in college. Part of the “whole experience”. Well they don’t tell you that no sleep and self loathing is also part of it. However, I do look at the younger students around me..the freshmen and sophomores…and they seem to have no idea of the repercussions of bad time management…and not sleeping. I have the advantage of already learning this stuff.

In the end, it’s all my fault for feeling this way. Now I am going to have to bust ass every day this week–no social life, no free time. I suppose that’s the consequence.

This post is really just a ramble.

On the brightside: I’ve been participating in the #36daysoftype challenge. That has been really fun and challenging me to think outside the box on what can represent a letter. Also, this hierarchy project is more enjoyable (than the misued one) for me. I’ve gotten some interesting shapes and forms out of this and I like working with a grid structure. I am looking forward to working in InDesign as well.

“Wish we could turn back time….to the good ol’ days…” 


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